Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services

P8220032McVehil-Monnett Associates provides technical, consultation, and expert witness services to law firms in support of litigation and regulatory compliance proceedings. Technical areas of expertise include:

  • Air quality modeling and permitting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Forensic meteorology
  • Industrial impacts

Senior staff credentials include advanced degrees and professional certification (Certified Consulting Meteorologist), with broad experience in air quality/meteorological matters. Our staff has extensive experience, for both plaintiffs and defendants, in legal cases and numerous regulatory proceedings.

Our staff supports clients and their legal counsel in review of:

  • Background and supporting data
  • Permit and compliance history
  • Interpretation of technical issues and documentation

We assist in analysis of meteorological and/or dispersion characteristics, and provide model analyses where appropriate to define short-term or historical pollutant impacts. Our principals are experienced in testimony and deposition, and are prepared to support all prepared analyses in legal proceedings.

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