Electric Power Sector

Air Quality Consulting Services to the Electric Power Sector

P6180005McVehil-Monnett Associates has been providing air quality consulting services to the electric power industry since 1984.  Our service base includes permitting of new and modified sources, permit coordination and compliance assistance services.  We also team with architectural and engineering firms to assist their electric power clients.

Electric power sectors we serve include:

  • Fossil fuel plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Cogeneration facilities

Key services we provide:

  • Modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Construction and operating permits
  • Control technology determinations
  • Compliance assistance

img02We maintain an up-to-date library of all EPA air quality models, as well as proprietary special purpose models. We develop software for processing of meteorological data and model results, as required for the project needs. Our modeling staff works regularly with all current regulatory models, such as AERMOD and CALPUFF, as well as complex terrain modeling tools. MMA also has the capability to run the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model to generate 3-D meteorological data fields that can be used as the base for inputs to CALPUFF and AERMOD.

MMA provides a full range of ambient air quality monitoring services from baseline and compliance monitoring for criteria pollutants to sophisticated surveys for emission factor development and monitoring of exotic toxic species.

We provide an extensive scope of permitting services ranging from minor source permitting needs to complex permitting of major sources and modifications in both attainment (PSD) and non-attainment (NSR) areas. We develop practical, cost-effective compliance plans and negotiate flexible operating permit conditions to best ensure continued compliance with complex and changing air quality rules and regulations. We are experienced in the development of control technology evaluations including Best Available Control Technology analyses, Maximum Achievable Control Technology determinations and Lowest Achievable Emission Rate demonstrations.

Our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure our clients receive professional, cost-effective services.

Download a print-friendly summary of our air quality services to the electric power industry.