Air Quality Permitting

Air Quality Permitting Services

AggPlant2McVehil-Monnett Associates specializes in providing comprehensive air quality permitting and compliance services.  We assist clients with a broad range of services, including:

  • Minor source permitting
  • Complex permitting of major sources (PSD/NSR)
  • Permitting of modifications in both attainment (PSD) and non-attainment (NSR) areas

Equally important, we develop practical, cost-effective compliance plans and we negotiate flexible operating permit conditions to best ensure continued compliance with complex and ever-changing air quality rules and regulations.

We have extensive experience in the development of control technology demonstrations in support of permitting activities, including:

  • Best Available Control Technology analyses
  • Maximum Achievable Control Technology determinations
  • Lowest Achievable Emission Rate demonstrations

We also provide assistance in the development of periodic and parametric monitoring methods as well as Compliance Assurance Monitoring in support of Title V compliance plans and certifications.

StacksOur experience stretches from coast to coast and also includes extensive experience internationally.  Our client base includes:

  • Natural gas transportation and processing
  • Fuel enhancement and conversion facilities
  • Fossil-fuel power generation
  • Cogeneration and peaking facilities
  • Coal, metallic and non-metallic mineral mines and processing plants
  • Various manufacturing facilities

Our staff has the specific permitting experience and expertise necessary to ensure our clients receive professional, cost-effective services.

Download a print-friendly summary of our air quality permitting services.