About Us

About Us

Company Profile
WS_VWS-WebcamIncorporated in 1984, McVehil-Monnett Associates, Inc. is an experienced environmental consulting firm providing air quality and environmental management system (EMS) services worldwide. We are a team of air quality meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, engineers and environmental specialists that average over 30 years of experience. About half of our technical staff has advanced degrees and/or professional certifications.

Our experience stretches from coast to coast and also includes extensive international experience.  The vast majority of our projects come from repeat clients.

Our Services
We serve the mining, oil and gas, electric utility and manufacturing industries, and we partner with engineering companies, law firms and government agencies.  Our air quality services include modeling, permitting, and monitoring, as well as litigation support, Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Assessment support and environmental management system development.

We understand that each client and each project is distinct with a particular set of concerns.  Avoiding cookie-cutter concepts, we develop unique approaches that address specific project issues to meet the client’s needs. We provide professional service in an efficient, cost effective manner, relying on our expertise and experience gathered over many projects and industries.


Principal Founders
MMA’s two principals and founders are Dr. George E. McVehil and Mr. William R. Monnett.

Dr. George McVehil is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) with more than 50 years of experience.  His technical specialties include:

  • Air quality analysis and regulatory requirementsgem001
  • Atmospheric turbulence and diffusion
  • Atmospheric effects of industrial activities and air emissions

He has performed original research dealing with:

  • Wind structure in the lower atmosphere
  • Diffusion of air pollutants
  • Acid deposition
  • Quantification of air pollutant emissions
  • Mathematical modeling of air pollution

His consulting work has dealt with air quality impacts of industrial development, power generation and mining, permitting of new facilities, and regulatory compliance issues.

Dr. McVehil is the author of more than 300 papers and reports, including more than 20 reports on cooling tower plume behavior and atmospheric effects of cooling systems, and over 100 reports on air modeling analyses for power generation and cogeneration facilities.

He has prepared analyses and reports and provided testimony in support of licensing activities for nuclear and fossil fuel electric generating stations, mining projects, and various other industrial facilities.

Dr. McVehil has extensive experience as an expert witness and consultant to law firms in litigation and regulatory matters related to forensic meteorology, air quality, atmospheric transport and dispersion, and industrial impacts.


Mr. William Monnett is a senior supervisory air pollution and industrial meteorologist with nearly 40 years experience in managing and performing air quality modeling, permitting and aerometric monitoring projects.

His particular areas of expertise include:wrm001

  • Permitting of new and modified sources under state and federal regulatory programs (PSD, NSR, Title V)
  • Air quality modeling and control technology assessments
  • Development of air quality compliance and audit programs
  • Hazardous waste site air pathways assessments
  • Air quality modeling of fugitive dust
  • Modeling in complex terrain
  • Meteorological and air toxics monitoring techniques
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and other environmental documentation

Mr. Monnett has extensive experience working for mining, oil and gas, synthetic fuels and other manufacturing and industrial clients throughout the U.S. and several global locations.

He has also served as principal investigator for air pathways assessments in association with remedial investigations, feasibility studies and risk assessments for several large-scale Superfund clean-up projects.

He is the author of more than 500 technical studies, reports, and permit applications. He has served as technical coordinator for air quality studies associated with numerous environmental impact statements and assessments and has provided expert testimony for the mining, metals and natural gas industries.